We are an italian restaurant and pizzeria. We serve the most authentic Italian pizza in the Tampa Bay area.

We carry a large selection of specialty pizzas, gourmet sandwiches, homemade pasta dishes, artisan breads, authentic tiramisú and limocello cakes, biscotti and shortbread cookies.

We provide catering and take away. For your party we also provide special dishes.

We serve beers and wines.

...every month special free dinner for our best customers

About us

DELUCIA Italian Bakery Café is the first chain of bakeries specializing in the production of typical bakery products of the Italian tradition. The old methods of production of bread and Italian food are applied with meticulous craftsmanship and reproposed in a warm and welcoming environment. Traditional bakery by day, with a dining area, reading area and cocktail bar to spend the evenings you´re your friends.

At our place the ancient taste of tradition combines with the innovative ideas of the cafeteria and entertainment. Here you can live the Italian dream of taste, style and pleasure.

The wireless service and catering areas make our Bakery Café the most comfortable place where to enjoy your friends , or also have business meetings.

Our mission is to delight the most discerning palates in a healthy and genuine, so unmistakably Italian, and an affordable price. Our hallmark is the ability to enjoy wherever hundreds of types of artisan breads, cakes, the best pizza in the sign of the Italian tradition.

We strive to grow and expand around the world to give the opportunity to share in any place of Italian delicacies, leading products, traditions, working methodologies, style and skills. We were born and raised in the full respect of the value of craftsmanship and this philosophy is part of the gene also people who work for us. Chefs, Bakers, Confectioners and Pizzaioli formats from our Academy each day preparing food with passion, using the best materials and latest technologies, while respecting the traditional methods and processes. In our franchise model the primary objective is the quality assurance systems that we operate under strict control of materials, processes, and with careful management of each phase of activity management.

Our story

The wisdom of the white Art, which distinguishes us, was born in 1960, when the founder of the family De Lucia, Giuseppe, took his first steps in the historic laboratory in St. George, in the heart of the province of Benevento. Over 50 years of experience handed down Italian traditions and generated continuous innovation of processes, and the development of products made to satisfy the needs of each consumer. Using only natural yeast, the sourdough, without any additives, preservatives and substances improvers, has always been the main rule followed in the course of our history, and preserve these principles remains the mission for our company.


We care about the health of our customers and we protect using high quality raw materials and operating in compliance with the ancient techniques of handicraft production. Each product is handmade and made following the recopies of the best Italian artisan. Our job aims to revive everyday the emotions that only the taste and Italian tradition is able to give. Consuming typical and traditional Italian products, in a comfortable environment, characterized by the essential elements of the nature: that´s what happens in our place.

Executive Chef

Gianluca De Lucia - Master Chef Gianluca De Lucia career began 15 years ago with experience in manufacturing in a bakery workshop, once a youngster and today is one of the most important in terms of expertise in the international bakery, constantly immersed in the study and analysis of new processes. Teacher training courses at the main Region of Campania and Chambers of Commerce, is characterized by charismatic and communicative teaching skills. Holder of the Guinness World record for the largest Tarallo (typical Italian product) of 200kg, which led him to the forefront of attention of the major national television and magazines.




Before lunch the Italians love snacking something and drink something to help your appetite and prepare the main meal of the day.


Good morning St Pete

Eggs, bacon, yogurt, salami, prosciutto, wurstel, You can select your continental breakfast prepared each morning with fresh local


Amazing fettuccine

...from Italy with love: pasta, pizza and salads, the most traditional dishes of Italian cuisine is served daily at lunch time to delight the most discerning palates


Cappuccino e cornetto

...not Croissant but Cornetto, choose the typical Italian breakfast, fill up your daily carbodrait drinking a thick and strong Italian coffee to


That's Catherine Cream

Come to taste this delicious cream, but don't ask us the's a secret!


Italian Street

Focaccia Bread with Prosciutto, Provolone, Arugula, Artichokes...


Have you ever tasted Tiramisu and Baba?

You can taste the most delicious cake of the Italian tradition, prepared by the most inspired italian bakers


What Frittata means ...

It is a flat Italian-style omelet that's usually prepared in a cast-iron skillet. It fit the brunch classic menu-


The Queen of Salads

Italian Bakery Cafe propose on its menu the original Caprese salad, you can taste it with the special pizza-bread we call Focaccia


mmmmh... pizza with pepperoni!

Tomato sauce, Mozzarella and... Pepperoni of course


White Art!

We love what we do, we want renew the ancient and traditional art of italian bakers



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let's socialize!.

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119 1st Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL 33701, St. Petersburg